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Floral nautical

January 30, 2010

And so starts the endless list of things I want. Yay!

This gorgeous dress from Oasis is perfect for spring/summer. Floral and nautical all in one, and dark enough to satisfy my dislike of ‘summer’ colours – I am not a peaches and cream kinda girl. LOVE it.


Hello world!

January 28, 2010

VelvetMagpie is a gathering of gorgeousness. I am a little obsessed with finding lovely things, and I diligently save them on my computer, or add them to a teetering pile of papers under my desk. They never see the light of day again. This blog is a place to save them and remember them, and share them with anyone who’s interested.

I shall be vain and start with me, as I rather liked my styling at a burlesque night last weekend.

Love the emerald greens. The corset is from Ebay, and while I know, I know…it’s not a *real* corset…it does the job. Very well, in fact!

And the earrings…oh how I love the earrings…are from Etsy. More on Etsy later. It is a dangerous place.